Fan Content Guidelines

Last updated on 29 August 2017

Hello! We (that’s CD PROJEKT RED) want you to be able to create, share and use awesome stuff based on Gwent. We would love you to unleash your creativity and make all the breathtaking things only The Witcher community can. We really want to support you in this, so we put together these guidelines to help you. They also include some legal stuff at the end (we’re sorry about that, but we hope you will understand they are intended to protect Gwent, you and us). If you have any questions, you can reach us at


You can do anything you like (within reason and if it follows these Guidelines). Here are some examples:
- Making Gwent YouTube videos or streams (more on this below).
- Drawing some amazing fanart involving Gwent characters and locations and posting this online (e.g. on your own blog or somewhere else).
- Creating a Gwent community website, fan page or news group.
- Creating software that works alongside Gwent, like overlay software.
- Take Gwent screenshots and share them with friends, or turn them into wallpaper, or print them on a hat and wear it to work (maybe).
. . . And we are sure you will come up with even more creative Gwent stuff!


As far as we and you are concerned, you own the new Gwent stuff you create but we need you to give us certain rights over it so that we can actually transmit it and use it for Gwent. So, our legal team asks that you give us from the moment of creation of a work a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, worldwide, sub-licensable, royalty-free licence to use, modify, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, transmit, perform communicate and exploit your new Gwent stuff in connection with Gwent. From our side, rest assured that if your creation stands out we will do our best to reach out, have a chat and grant you appropriate recognition.
Just to be clear, we always own Gwent itself and its contents (such as characters, setting, gameplay and appearance). Please also remember about the Golden Rules described in detail below.


Yes and please do! We are totally fine with you streaming and creating videos, Let’s Plays and machinima about Gwent for distribution on online video platforms (like YouTube or Twitch), even on television, as long as they comply with these Guidelines. There is an important condition however: the content must also be distributed for free: monetising such content via standard advertising revenue on video/streaming/online platforms (including Twitch paid subscription model) is OK, but we are not OK with you monetising it in any other way without our written approval – this includes using Gwent to promote someone else’s products or services (that’s very much not OK). For video content at tournaments/events, please see below.


Yes! However, we have some rules around this depending on the size and type of tournament you are planning on hosting:

Community Tournaments: If you would like to host a Gwent tournament with a total prize pool of less than $10,000 (ten thousand US Dollars) you do not need a specific approval document from us, although you (as the tournament organiser) and entrants must comply with our Community Tournament Guidelines (available at at all times. Please note that this $10,000 limit applies to all payments that will be made to entrants including (but not limited to) prize money, fees, reimbursements, salaries, travel, accommodation and expenses of any kind whether paid for in the form of cash, physical prizes, gifts or other payments. The Community Tournament Guidelines may also contain other requirements for your tournament, so please review them carefully to ensure you meet all requirements.

Commercial Tournaments: If you would like to host a Gwent tournament with a total prize pool of $10,000 or more or which does not comply with the Community Tournament Guidelines, you need to fill in our Commercial Tournament Application Form and Licence (available at, which must be submitted to us for our consideration.


Like we said earlier, we would love you to unleash your creativity and make amazing things for Gwent. Having said that, we want to make sure that Gwent remains one and we do not see copies, mutations or other kind of clones flying around. We are sure you would not like to see that either, would you? So, our legal team asked us to put in place some “Golden Rules” – here they are:

1. No commercial usage. You cannot do anything with Gwent for any commercial or money-making purpose (except as we explained above). We would like you to do this for fun, not for money.

2. Make it clearly ‘unofficial’. Please make it clear that your new Gwent stuff is “An unofficial fan work under the Gwent Fan Content Guidelines. Not approved/endorsed by CD PROJEKT RED”. Please do not do or say anything which makes anyone think we endorse or support you. (Of course if we feel your stuff is so awesome that we want to endorse or approve your work then we will let you know!) The Gwent stuff you make is your responsibility.

3. Don’t put it in other games/products. Your new Gwent stuff should stand on its own – it should not be incorporated into a third party game or product (whether or not for commercial use). If you are a modder and want to make a fan mod of Gwent in another game, please contact us for permission first (like with everything, we’ll see what we can do and try to help, but we might also say “no” if your mod is somehow harmful to Gwent’s ecosystem/mechanics etc.).

4. Don’t hurt us or others. Please be respectful to other players and Gwent! Please do not do or say anything regarding Gwent that is illegal or could hurt Gwent, CD PROJEKT RED and its other games or Gwent users. Your new Gwent stuff can use Gwent of course, but please do not infringe the rights of other people (such as other games, movies, books, TV shows etc.)

5. Follow the legal rules. These Guidelines are our informal guidance to you, but the full legal rules are the Gwent User Agreement and Gwent Privacy Policy. If there is any conflict between these Guidelines and those documents, then those documents win.


Well, you really should not do it, but if you have questions then you can get in touch with Lawyers are a busy bunch, so it might take us a while to dig out from under all those lawyery things and get back to you. If we don’t, it doesn’t mean we agree to the stuff you proposed in your message -- it might mean anything, perhaps the world ended and you didn’t get the memo? Still, we probably will get back to you, so you read the second part of the last sentence totally for nothing. Sue us (please don’t)!


We expect these Guidelines to be updated from time to time as people make cool new Gwent stuff – we will post an update on when that happens. Once we change these Guidelines, it will become legally binding 30 days after we post it online. During that period, you're welcome to contact us at if you have specific questions about the changes.


If something is not clear to you in these Guidelines, please ask us first! If there is anything you think we could add to make it clearer let us know (but no promises)! All rights and other matters not in these Guidelines are reserved to us, so be careful. Again, you can contact us at

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