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New Mic! | !prime for free sub

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New Mic! | !prime for free sub

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Climbing the ladder with Schupe! Come chill=)

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🌺 When you play a card game just for the elf daddies

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Deathwish <3 ミ●﹏☉ミ !drops !giveaway

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💖 Rank 20 omw to GM. MEME DECKS

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x_x K-Pop n Gwent!


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  • Mar2018
    Open #4March, 2018Warsaw, Poland
  • Apr2018
    Challenger #3April, 2018United States
  • May2018
    Open #5May, 2018Warsaw, Poland
  • Jul2018
    Open #6July, 2018Warsaw, Poland
  • Aug2018
    Challenger #4August, 2018China

Latest Patch

February 9, 2018

With this update we’ve focused on introducing balance changes, as well as adding numerous game fixes and tooltip improvements to the game. We’ve also launched a weekend discount on transmutation of Premium Cards!

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