The Arena update includes 10 brand new cards featuring the most recognizable characters from The Witcher series!

Yennefer: NecromancerAedirn, Mage

Resurrect a Bronze or Silver Soldier from your opponent's graveyard.

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Imlerith: SabbathOfficer, Wild Hunt

Every turn, Duel the Highest enemy on turn end. If this unit survives, Heal it by 2 and give it 2 Armor. 2 Armor.

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Dandelion: PoetSupport

Draw a card, then play a card.

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Cerys: FearlessOfficer, An Craite

Resurrect the next unit you Discard.

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Morenn: Forest ChildDryad

Ambush: When your opponent plays a Bronze or Silver special card, flip over and cancel its ability.

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Triss: TelekinesisMage

Create a Bronze special card from either player's starting deck.

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Vernon Roche: MercilessOfficer, Temeria

Destroy a face-down Ambush enemy.

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Deal 5 damage to self.
When this unit's current power equals its base power, deal 7 damage to 3 random enemies on turn end.

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Geralt: ProfessionalWitcher

Deal 4 damage to an enemy. If it's a Monster unit, destroy it instead.

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Dandelion: VainglorySupport

Boost self by 3 for each Geralt, Yennefer, Triss and Zoltan card in your starting deck.

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